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Equation #29: Pela

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Thursdays at my office are pretty boring. Everyone sort of stands around wishing it was Friday, waiting for that sweet release like a weary Death Row inmate. I'd usually be sniffing dry erase markers and playing solitaire on my palm pilot in the men's room by now but today is different, different because of Pela.

Their debut album "Anytown Graffiti" is just the anthemic, grandeous rock I need to make the first Thursday of May seem like the third Monday of October, if you know what I mean... Yeah, neither do I. Despite only running 40 minutes the album packs in quite a bit of of feeling, obviously taking a cue from elder rocksmiths like U2 and Coldplay they layer each track with bombast and bravado, long reverbs, swimming delay and thundering drums. You know, arena rock. Only don't expect them to be playing Live Aid or selling out Red Rocks anytime soon, their sound is still very much in the larval, or even pupil stages; nervous, a bit timid but filled with optimism and enthusiasm. While the arena rock label is a pretty easy tag to attach there's really a bit more going on here than just huge choruses and walls of shimmering guitar. Adding a bit of that New-New-Wave-Post-Dance-Punk-Core stuff the kids love so much brings up comparisons to Bloc Party and The Killers but with less emphasis on booty shaking, which is not to say that there aren't some toe-tappers here, but it's not a Franz Ferdinand cover band, as if you'd ever need such a thing. In short, it's a collection of poppy, happy sounding rock music with some great melodies. It's feel-good stuff, well crafted and enjoyable.


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