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Special Edition: Children of the New Order

In the meantime, whilst I'm away conjuring new equations, (yes that's right, I haven't completely given up on this thing yet) please enjoy this special piece I did for a few months ago. The idea was to make a sort-of family tree for the highly influential electro-pop band New Order. A lot of it I just pulled out of my own ass and linked them loosely, basing the ties more on general sound than hard research. But those who reviewed it at the magazine thought it was fairly spot-on, so I don't question it. It's by far the most involved piece to date and it uses no math to speak of, simply a flow chart type of web mess.

Thanks to the arrival of a few nice new comments resulting from the Damien Rice Equation I've decided to do my best to revive the IEQ to at least half of it's former self, meaning I'll give my all to update you with new equations every 2 weeks starting tomorrow. So... new update a fortnight from tomorrow. Send in ideas if you want to see someone special. I heard that I should do one fo da ladiez, so I just might. But now I'm rambling so just stop reading........ now.


  • At 4:31 PM, Blogger missie said…

    i tried to look at this equation and only about half would upload...maybe my internet is being weird...

    but i give you props for doing this website. it gives me initiative to look up new bands just because you compare them to ones i really like already. godbless.


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