The Indie Equation

The Unholy Marriage of Music and Math.


Equation #18: Autolux


Why a tire fire? It's obscure, I know. Tire fires are slow burning, like Autolux. Tire fires are nearly impossible to extinguish, like Autolux. Tire fires are awesome and... smelly? you know, forget about that. Lemme explain. When I first got a copy of Autolux's disc Future Perfect I immediately heard the influences, I heard the shoegazing drone, I heard the noise-pop squelches and I really enjoyed it. Then the disc was over, the music stopped, and I had forgotten everything I just heard. Not because the music was bad, (which it's not) and not because the songs are forgettable, (which the aren't) but for some reason for the first 10 listens or so the album was like a very sexy dream to me - great while it's going, but when it's over it fades quickly and you can't really recall who that was and why she had a can of cherry pie filling. But I'm rambling. Future Perfect is a great album and now that I've had it glued into my CD player for about a week straight it's really gotten ahold of me, but it took a while. The songs come off very listenable but not completely catchy at first, until you realize that you're humming them while you're on the toilet and you have to put down your copy of Modern Bride to figure out who's music is caught in your head. That's Autolux. See? Slow burning. Tire Fire. It's brilliant!


  • At 7:44 AM, Blogger indygirl said…

    Well said!

  • At 3:56 PM, Blogger The friGG said…

    Justin, i think you managed to explain that better than I could have... specifically the tire fire... granted most of my sexy dreams involve a tire fire or two...

  • At 11:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    No Brainiac or Six Finger Satellite? Give synthpunk some love. Then again those two bands rape every band on this list (cept for Kraftwerk, Stereolab and Echo & BM, those bands are timeless).


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